Registration of Participants to the Training Website


Self-registration of  website users

All users should now self-register, guided by the trainer, on Day 1 of the 3-day training course. This is best done in training time before morning coffee so the trainer can check at lunchtime if anyone has not completed the registration process (up to the point of clicking on the verification email).


Registration: Setting up a user account, asking the system to be allowed in.

Verification: The part of the Registration process where we check that the user has a valid, working email address (and that they are not a robot!).

Approval: The action taken by our CTSW administrator to sign off the registration. Our process uses manual approval.


  1. The trainer emails CTSW a week before Day 1 requesting a registration code.
  2. CTSW emails the trainer the  registration code (this will be unique to each course) before day 1.
  3. Trainer emails CTSW the complete list of names of course participants by the end of Day 1.
  4. Trainer directs users to the self-registration on the home page of the training website.  
  5. Users are directed by the trainer to complete the registration form.  All fields are compulsory.  
  6. The system sends a verification email to the user containing a link they must click on to have their email verified. This shows that the user is not a robot! The User still needs to be Approved by Admin.
  7. Admin approves the user if their name is on the list of participants supplied by the trainer. Allow 48 hours for the Approval process.
  8. The system sends an account approved email and the user can log in.
    – Up to the point of being Approved, the user’s login details will fail if tried.
  9. Finally, show users the FAQs in ‘Help Logging In’  under the ‘Contact’ heading on the home page.


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