Train-the-Trainer Programme

In order to support the dissemination of Therapeutic Storywriting, a Train-the-Trainer programme is now available for the Therapeutic Storywriting Groups and Story Links trainings.  The overall aim of the Train-the-Trainer programme is to maintain fidelity to the Centre for Therapeutic Storywriting (CTSW) training models and to ensure consistency of delivery of these models to school professionals.

Entry requirements

  • Minimum of 2 years experience of working with pupils in schools
  • Completion of the 3-day course Setting Up Therapeutic Storywriting Groups/Story Links delivered by the Centre for Therapeutic Storywriting
  • Experience of implementing at least two 10-week Therapeutic Storywriting Groups/ Story Links interventions in school

Aims of Training

  • To ensure trainees have an in-depth understanding of the Therapeutic Storywriting Groups/Story Links training materials
  • To ensure trainees are able to use case material drawn from their own practice to illustrate training points
  • To develop trainees’ group facilitation skills
  • To ensure trainees have good presentation and delivery skills

For further information about the outline of the Train-the-Trainer programme please contact us.