Training manual

While the rest of the site is openly available, this section requires a password and is  for professionals who have attended the 3-day Story Links course and completed the experiential and supervisory elements of the training as well as covering the theoretical aspects.  This is to ensure that the intervention, designed to support vulnerable pupils and their parents, is delivered by fully trained professionals.

This section provides a step-by-step guide to setting up the 10-week Story Links intervention in schools and includes:

Programme Overview: an outline of the main elements involved in delivering the Story Links intervention is schools.

Structure of Sessions: a step-by-step guide to running the 10-week Story Links interventionwith a parent and pupil in school.

Facilitating Story-making :how to provide story openings, facilitate the contributions from parent and pupil, re-telling and writing up the story.

Including the dads: mothers are the most likely to come into school . How can we include absent dads in the Story Links work?

Assessment and referring-on: evaluation sheets to use with pupil, parent and classteacher pre and post the Story Links intervention. Liaising with other professionals and when to refer on also included here .

Programme Resources: downloadable resources to support the implementation of the school-based Story Links intervention. Includes  reading records and behaviour record sheets.

Bibliography: Story Links related literature- includes reviewed books, research reports and articles on  therapeutic storywriting , attachment theory, neuroscience and learning, parent partnership,  and much more…


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