07. Assessment and referring-on

Assessment of the Story Links Programme

Here are some evaluation sheets sheets to help you assess the impact of the Story Links intervention:

  1. Pupil pre-intervention evaluation
  2. Pupil post-intervention evaluation 
  3. Parent pre-intervention evaluation
  4. Parent post-intervention evaluation
  5. Classteacher pre-intervention evaluation 
  6. Classteacher post-intervention evaluation
  7. For a standardised evaluation measure, use the pre and post class teacher sheet from the Goodman’s SDQ available at www.sdqinfo.com

Esmee Fairbairn and the TDA supported an in-depth evaluation of the Story Links intervention View report

Liaison with other professionals

  1. Use actual stories and pictures rather than ‘interpretations’
  2. Ask permission of pupils and parents for stories to be shared
  3. Precis themes rather than details that might be confidential
  4. Use professional judgement of ‘What is in the best interests of the child’
  5. Where there are concerns about child protection,  contact the school’s child protection officer immediately.

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