Child Psychology

Book: Playing and Reality

Winnicott, D

1999 Routledge, London

Winnicott is concerned with the springs of imaginative living and of cultural experience in every sense, with whatever determines an individual’s capacity to live creatively and to find life worth living.

‘He was a man who could be ‘popular’ and completely accessible without ever ceasing to be profound, a man who ranged audaciously far and wide in the realms of thought but who always came back to home base, the psychology of the child.’
– Oliver Sacks, The New York Times Book Review

Book: Inside I’m Hurting

Bomber, L

2007 Worth, London

Inside I’m Hurting provides educational professionals with a much-needed classroom handbook of new strategies, practical tools and the confidence for supporting these children from an attachment perspective, thus promoting inclusion in the school system.

Contents include: how attachment difficulties can affect a child’s ability to learn; providing an ‘additional attachment figure’ in schools; the benefits and challenges of getting alongside children who have experienced trauma and loss; transitions during the school day; permanency and constancy; being explicit; regulating arousal levels; handling conflict; wondering aloud; lowering the effects of shame; working with transition from primary to secondary phase; developing effective home/school partnership (includes a photocopiable initial meeting prompt card); providing staff support; recommendations for future action.